Attunements A-Schmune-ments

Attunements A-Schmune-ments

Contrary to (recent) popular belief, YOU DON’T NEED AN “ATTUNEMENT” TO COMMUNICATE WITH SPIRITS. You don’t. Buying a connection to a spirit is more or less worthless. Think about it this way…if you want to get to know someone what do you do? You spend time with them. You invest in that relationship. There’s no substitute for that investment.

An attunement is basically like getting a spirit’s phone number. Firstly, you don’t need it because the information you need to connect with them is freely available on the web. Secondly, even if you have the spirit’s number you still need to make the call yourself, and if you make the call there’s no guarantee they’ll pick up the phone. If you bought an attunement, it’s really no different than a telemarketer buying your phone number and calling you out of the blue to ask you to buy something. That’s what you sound like to them.

Imagine a different approach…take the time to do the work. Sit with the spirit over coffee or during a meditation and just try to connect for the sake of connecting. Don’t ask for anything. Just see if you get along and have common goals. Then when you call to ask for their help with something it’s coming from a friend and not a telemarketer.

Many people selling attunements are only selling one thing…dependence. They want to make you doubt your own ability. They want to make you dependent on their intermediary services to communicate with the entities you want to contact. There are practitioners who are doing the energy work and truly believe they are helping their clients. They are honest people who don’t realize that they are creating dependence when they should be creating independence and empowerment. There are also those who thrive on the attention they get as an “attunement guru” (even though they’re not scholars or even real practitioners)…these people are downright criminal. 

They don’t do any work for the attunement, they don’t even try. It’s just a cash cow product for them because they can charge $50 for an attunement and all it costs them is 30 seconds to email a PDF “certifying” the attunement. Yikes! We have seen these people stealing (I kid you not) hundreds of thousands of dollars by preying on less confident spiritual seekers. We have even seen these people offering attunements to YHWH…how ridiculous is that? Everyone is already attuned to YHVH…it’s called a soul. Ugh. 

Here’s the dirty little secret…when you do finally make contact with them, it’s not because of the attunement. It’s because of the power that was inside you all along. All the attunement did was give you a boost of confidence. 

It’s a sugar pill….a very expensive sugar pill.

Don’t fall for it.


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