Fraud Alert
Fraud Alert: Anima Sola

Fraud Alert: Anima Sola

This one is a doozy. There is a scam artist out there posing as a teacher online. Problem is, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about most of the time, but is very convincing in the appearance that he does. In this way he’s been able to gain the confidence of hundreds, and fleece them out of their hard-earned money. Recently we had a report of this person selling the service of Anima Sola…read on to discover why this practice is particularly twisted and evil.

In her book The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Judika Illes explains:

Ánima Sola translates as the “lone soul” or “lonely spirit” and refers to a very specific votive image. Based on Roman Catholic votive statues (but now a standardized chromolithograph), this image is particularly popular in Latin American magical traditions. It depicts a woman standing amidst flames, eternally burning yet never consumed. She gazes upwards, holding her chained hands towards heaven. Is her soul burning in the fire of Hell or does her heart burn with the fire of love? Allegedly unrequited love is what drew this poor soul into her predicament: the Ánima Sola traded eternal salvation for the joys of temporal love. She is invoked in only the most desperate love spells, in which in return for obtaining the sought-after love the appellant agrees to replace Ánima Sola in purgatory when they die.

Did you read that? The trade-off for gaining something through a ritual with Anima Sola is that the recipient will get a one-way ticket to the fires of purgatory. The kicker is that our scam artist doesn’t explain this little bit of fine print to his clients. He’s just trying to make a sale. He couldn’t care less about the souls of those he’s conning.

Thankfully, our guess is that this particular practitioner doesn’t have the magickal aptitude to burn toast, and probably isn’t even doing the rituals because he doesn’t know how. This is the best case scenario. It is a thousand times more diabolical if he IS doing those rituals and sending innocent people to purgatory in the name of the almighty dollar (or peso, in his case). They won’t figure out how hosed they are until they die, then it’s too late for a refund, so what does he care?

If anyone offers the services of petitions to, or ritual through, Anima Sola RUN AWAY!!! Don’t give them your money, and certainly don’t set yourself up for a future as a human barbecue.