Fraud Alert – Overpriced, Overpromised

Fraud Alert – Overpriced, Overpromised

I saw this listing on Etsy today. If this claim and the cringy edge-lord imagery doesn’t max out your bullhonky meter, maybe the price will…$3666.66 USD! Every spiritual ability in the world!?! What a bargain!!!
This person is obviously off their rocker or they are counting on a very specific population of people who are both rich and dumb. 

Now if THAT doesn’t make you feel like you’re up to your neck in horse hockey, maybe the description of the promised “powers” will. This is an actual quote from the seller:
“More potential abilities down below
-Third eye full open
– Sharp intuition
-Energy control
-Weather manipulation
– making desires/dream become reality
– Shapeshifting
– unlimited Wish granting
– Seeing the future and past
– Vivid dreaming
-Astral projection
– Manipulating the mind
– mind erasing (can be dangerous)
-power bestowal
-Time travel (can be dangerous and may not work for everyone due to its ability)
– supernatural attractiveness
– Power removal (Take other powers can be kept for yourself)
– develop talent or physical aspects of other people.”

Look at some of those claims…weather manipulation? time travel? shapeshifting? unlimited wish granting? There is absolutely no substance here. None at all. It’s basically a list of things the seller saw in movies about magick, but has no connection to REAL magick. What do you get for all your hard earned cash? A PDF “report” (whatever that means) of your purchase….so….a receipt, essentially.  

This isn’t the only one. There are so many pulling the same kind of scam. One seller was offering “Secrets of the Djinn” and the price was $3800, but that was JUST THE DEPOSIT!!! Apparently the actual price is shared privately in an email. It’s criminal. Like actually criminal…someone should be reporting this stuff to the F.B.I. 

In Minnesota, a woman scammed a couple out of $130,000 this way. 
In New York a psychic ended up fleecing a customer for $740,000.
and in Florida, a woman scammed a family out of $3,500,000!!!

Are there real psychics and magicians out there? Sure there are! We know a bunch of them, but one thing all the real practitioners have in common is humility, an attitude of service, an ethical center that understands justice, and a genuinely helpful and caring nature. This is the sign you’re in the presence of someone who’s actually walking the walk. These wonderful human beings use their gifts to help others as part of their spiritual path. It’s a privilege for them to be able to do this work. It’s a gift from YHVH, and the price for that gift is service. One of the most talented psychics/mediums I know is so committed to this ethos that she actually won’t let me pay her for readings. She’d rather have me take her out for lunch so we can spend time together instead. She says that’s more soul-filling than money. 

It’s okay for people to charge for their services and products, of course it is. Too often though it crosses the line into criminal activity when the motive becomes the money, the products are all “energy based” or something else that requires no effort on the part of the practitioner, and the aim of a reading is to get you to buy more and more and more from the practitioner. It’s creating dependence instead of empowerment. It’s also criminal when the practitioner charges exorbitant sums for their work. Especially in difficult economic times, like we are in now, where so many are living hand-to-mouth…preying on people’s desperation for comfort and solace while taking huge amounts of money that leave their clients in real hardship is just plain wrong. 

Get readings, tools, books, and all those things to aid you in your spiritual journey, but make sure it’s a fair price. Make sure you’re paying for the work and the materials not just paying for the inflated ego of a scammer walking you up the rose path. 


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