Spiritual Seekers

The easiest way to get involved is on social media. Meet fellow seekers on the Facebook page. Join the random fun and quick tips on TikTok, or tune in to our conversations and instructional videos on YouTube. It’s free, there’s no commitment, and you can check out our content to see what all the fuss is about. 

Everyone has something of value to offer, and something to learn. 
We’d love to have you as part of the community! 


Are you writing, or thinking of writing, a book on the occult, esotericism, metaphysics or magick but don’t know quite how to get it off the ground? Fret not, chum! We’ve got you covered. 

We can help you with copy editing, graphic design, layout, website design, coaching, printing, self-publishing, audiobook recording, and even crowdfunding campaigns to launch your dream into reality! Our style is minimalistic, conversational, and we specialize in cleaning out the jargon to get to the pithy stuff. We can help your book be more accessible to readers while maintaining the depth that your passion brought to light.

Got a book idea? Run it by us! Send a copy of your manuscript, in any stage of development, to :


Do you have a professional practice as a magician, esoteric scholar, oracle, philosopher, crafter, speaker, podcaster, or some other wacky thing we forgot to mention? Get in touch with us to join the Fellowship where we can work collaboratively on projects, research, experimentation or development. That’s really the heart of what we’re trying to do here. 

We want people who are passionate about their spiritual search and who want to share that passion with the world. We want to be in fellowship with professionals who are hard-working, honest, and dedicated to their spiritual path. You’ll make some new friends, forge business relationships, and get the candid support and feedback you need from other professionals to perform at a high level. 

How do you join? Well…it’s said that when you are ready the path will be shown to you. 
Though it doesn’t hurt to send an email or facebook message…that speeds things up considerably. 


Ordination into the Order of the Prismatic Flame is by invitation only. Candidates are selected from the Fellowship.
A special, individual, in-person ceremony is part of the deal.