Fraud Alert: Psychic Scam

Fraud Alert: Psychic Scam

We’ve received evidence that some people out there are working in cahoots to take your money! The basic scam is this…you either ask for a psychic reading, or are approached and offered one, and you assume the conversation will remain confidential. It’s not. A psychic isn’t bound to client/reader privilege like a lawyer would be (although anyone worth their salt does keep things confidential). They will turn around and tell your deep desires and fears to a ritual magician, usually from Mexico, who then hits you up a few days later with a sales pitch.

The pitch starts like this “Oh, my dearest friend…I just had a dream/vision about you and saw that you were in trouble. What’s going on, my dear? How can I help?” Seems innocent enough, but this master manipulator knows how to worm his way into your confidence and will start selling you rituals and baubles to cure your “problem.”

Another variation of this scam is by the psychic herself, who will convince you that you have an imaginary “parasitic entity attachment.” Scary stuff. A leech you can’t feel or see who causes things like “feeling down” “being tired” “aches and pains” “troubled sleep.” Guess who has those symptoms? Everyone over the age of 30. It’s the Barnum Effect in full force.


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